How to Utilise LinkedIn Live for Your Content Marketing

Available to anyone with a smartphone and a story, discover how LinkedIn Live can help you expand your content marketing reach. With the reach of COVID-19 growing everyday, expecting people to actually turn up to events is becoming increasingly complicated. It’s not just global [...]

COVID 19 impacts events – five suggestions

“Avoid crowded places and external venues,” is the advice. But what about pre-planned events? Do they go to waste? The novel coronavirus, nCoV-2019 / COVID-19, has caused a large number of events to be cancelled or postponed. This is unavoidable given the circumstances.

Juggling budgets and expectations

Any content marketer knows that when you have projects, you have expectations to meet and budgets to work within. We found ourselves in a very tricky situation once… Hi, I’m Kartini Deffahry, Production Manager at Click2view. Anyone in the content marketing or film [...]

Social media won the internet, now it’s after retail

Shopping will only get better In 1994, a young entrepreneur named Dan Kohn sold a Sting CD over the Internet for $12.48, firing the first shot of an e-commerce revolution that’s still rocking the retail industry today.Last year, American brick-and-mortar retailers including Sears, Walgreens, [...]

Click2View adopts Tripartite Standards

Ensuring our employee family gets the best We are proud to announce that Click2View has adopted the Tripartite Standards. What is the Tripartite Standards?The Tripartite Standards is an initiative that identifies and recognises employers who have implemented fair and progressive employment practices.

Writing for mobile

This headline is likely the only thing you read... I have seconds to make you stick with this, and it’s not looking good. Two million stories were added to the Internet today and — nothing personal — but human brains are smaller than they [...]

B2B marketing in Asia: What’s the right social media platform?

Finding the right social media platform for your business is always difficult; making it successful is even harder, especially for B2B businesses. Is it Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Weibo, or Line?... Or a mixture of all? It’s important to note that social media is part [...]