Refresh Your Visuals With These Animation & Motion Graphic Trends

Motion graphics and animation are powerful marketing tools, especially as an alternative to live video productions. Here are some of the biggest trends in the industry in 2020. Reeling from the impact of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the media & entertainment industry has been [...]

Why is content consistency so difficult to achieve?

Consistency across branded content should be simple and front of mind for all marketers. For some reason though, it’s hard or near impossible to achieve. Why is the most mundane trait of content creation — consistency — the most difficult to achieve, despite being [...]

Design thinking your content

How do you encourage innovative thinking and creative problem solving when it comes to your content strategy? As a business, you’re always looking for ways to better identify, understand and meet the needs of your clients. However, if you only look at a problem [...]

Ignore the media, Influencers are here to stay

Influencers were getting a bad rap for a bit, but it seems they will continue playing an important part in marketing strategies. Social media celebrities have been in the news for the wrong reasons lately, triggering some media speculation that the era of the [...]

What digital content marketing strategy should an SME have?

With the ongoing pandemic, digital content marketing strategies become ever more crucial in ensuring business continuity. Industries that traditionally relied on face-to-face meetings and events to generate leads will now have to work out alternative marketing strategies.One of the key factors to a [...]

Can the internet finally solve your video problem?

A host of new DIY video creation tools are hitting the market. We’ve had a look and compared some of the new entrants and the older leaders in the market. In the past, video may have been an expensive form of advertising, but these [...]

Safety First: How to Shoot Videos during COVID-19

With daylight in sight in terms of easing COVID-19 restrictions, production companies have been working hard on what constitutes a ‘safe shoot’. COVID-19 may change the way on-location filming is done forever. It forces a look at who is actually necessary ‘on-location’ and surprisingly [...]