Say bye to open rates as a useful metric

What happens if you can no longer track email engagement with open rates? Email marketing is still an important method of driving conversions, but that’s only if we weaponise them properly. If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from producing our own newsletter, [...]

Why make humorous content?

Funny content is memorable content — a good laugh can go a long way in building your brand. Have you ever come across funny content like a meme or a video that you still remember today?Humour helps your brand to stand out, and it also [...]

Is it better to pre-record or livestream your virtual event?

Both have their own merits, as well as downsides. Which road should you take? The number of virtual events has risen significantly over the past year, given restrictions on live events and mass gatherings to curb the spread of the [...]

Why you need a content calendar

Have difficulties in producing content regularly? Content calendar to the rescue! In 1996, when the Internet was still in its infancy, Bill Gates wrote an essay entitled 'Content is King', where he explained that content is how businesses make money on [...]

The importance of accessible digital content

An inclusive society means having a website that is accessible to all. Brands love to talk about inclusivity and diversity. But if they aren’t seriously taking steps to make their website and content accessible to the approximately one billion people —

Why repurposing your content works

Don’t let existing content stagnate in your archives — make the most out of the stuff you’ve already created by repurposing your content. A lot of effort, time and research goes into content creation. We know, it’s not always easy to churn out new [...]

The value of creating emotional content

The key to creating compelling and convincing content? Emotional storytelling. The heart of a company’s content marketing strategy should be its story. Stories hold great power — they can inspire new ideas, give comfort to people, and have long been a [...]