Why digital amplification matters in your content strategy

In a competitive content marketing industry, organic traffic alone might not be sufficient to drive conversions these days — it’s time to amplify your content digitally. Hi, I’m Erik Magelssen and I’m the Digital Content Director at Click2View.The phrases ‘digital amplification’ and ‘social media [...]

Game Changer or Game Over? Get Ready for GPT-3

As AI gets increasingly advanced, with the ability to write coherent text and even code, should content creators fear being rendered obsolete in the years to come? If you hang out on the fringes of the Internet you may have seen very smart people [...]

The Rise of TikTok

Brands, it’s time to come on board the TikTok trend. Ever wondered what’s with the hype over the “Roxanne” dances? Or felt confused over the meme-ification of Fei Yu-Ching’s “Yi Jian Mei”? These are songs that went viral on TikTok, a short-form [...]

A digital transformation fuelled by changing consumption patterns

The pandemic is changing consumption patterns in Southeast Asia and is speeding digital transformation. We’re already midway into 2020, and consumer behaviour is changing — enabled largely by tech solutions.A recent Ipsos survey revealed the changing patterns of consumption stemming from a shift in [...]

Tips for successful blog content

How do you write blog content that resonates with an audience and stands out from the crowd? Boosting SEO, building brand awareness and driving organic traffic, blogs are the original web content.For many businesses, blogs are also their first foray into the world of [...]

How to use Video and Social Media for your business

We look at the opportunity for video marketing and the social media platform to best suit your needs. Are you finding it difficult to create enough content to meet the demand from and for your business? To make things worse, the landscape for social [...]

The Top 7 Content Types to Try in 2020

Welcome to the vast landscape of content marketing — here’s a roundup of the most popular types. Content marketing covers a wide range of mediums from articles to animation videos. But how do you tell what type of content is appropriate for your brand?Here [...]