When to use Animation in your video

By Matt Edwards, Business Development Manager When to use animation Film making is a hugely rewarding endeavour. It touches lots of different creative disciplines and can often involve a real mix of creative styles.  Dependant on the situation or [...]

Should my video be scripted or unscripted?

In the words of Monty Python; 'and now for something completely different... ' Don't talk about scripted video...show me!  Today's blog was to be about the difference between scripted and unscripted content and it is, but instead of simply writing out, we thought [...]

Where do I shoot my video?

By Clarisse Poh, Head of Planning Quick answer: The location is there to help you tell your story and make the filming easier, if it fails on either one of these factors…choose a different one! Does location really matter? You bet it [...]

How long should my video be?

By Prianka Menon, traffic manager Making video is fun – but don’t go on about it! In my years working at Click2View ‘How long should my video be?” has been one of the most asked questions so here is a non-exhaustive simple [...]

What video format should I choose?

By Tariq Hawari and Tom Radford Video formats used to be so straightforward I remember playing with my Dad’s camcorder at the age of eight or nine. He had a 1990s Panasonic NVMC20B VHS-C PAL Camcorder. I had to do a quick [...]

How long does it take to make a video?

By Clarisse Poh, Head of Planning It depends. Every video is unique and comes with its own set of challenges. A corporate video can take between one to three months from commission to delivery. A commercial can take between two to six months. It all [...]

How much is a video?

By Mack Hampson, Business Development Manager What kind of video do you want to make? When cost is the elephant in the room, people have a tendency to lead with a question about how much. I speak from years of experience [...]

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